Introduction to Life Coaching

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Life Coaching: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

A seven week online course incorporating video instruction, lecture, humor and music designed to teach the foundations of and models for effective Life Coaching. Used in conjunction with the workbook, the student will be equipped to receive their provisional Life Coaching certification.

Topics Include:  

 - Introduction and Definitions

 - Scriptural and Philosophical Foundations

 - Basic Coaching Skills

 - Sharpening Your Professional Skills

 - Models, Tools and Resources

 - Parameters, Perimeters and Perspectives

"Dr. G, you were absolutely amazing and I am so glad we can capture you in the online format as well. I have never seen people have more fun and learn so much as with your training."
– Dr. Julie Hayden, Assoc. Vice President, Dean of Behavioral Sciences, Southern California Seminary
 "Life Coaching is an idea whose time has come!"

    Dr. Larry Gilliam

Life Coach Training and Certification 

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