Geronimo and Janethe Disla

Affiliates of Dayspring Institute

Geronimo is a senior certified Chaplain with over 8 years of experience in counseling and coaching. He is also a certified Life Coach, with Daysprings Institute. Geronimo funded Siempre Amigos Ministry along with his wife, Janethe.  He then started a radio program called Nuestro Mundo that is aired in Spanish-speaking radio stations. Geronimo received his BA in Journalism from The University of Texas Pan-American, and a Master’s degree in theology from Logos School. He is currently finishing up a Master’s degree in theology with emphasis in missiology from Southwestern Baptist Bible Seminary. 

Janethe is a professional certified Life Coach with Daysprings Institute. She has a loving heart for people, and has over 20 years of experience in counseling. She graduated in Biblical studies from Rio Grande Bible Institute. Her spiritual gifts involve teaching, counseling, discipleship, and helping ladies.  As an orator, Janethe also does radio ministry in which, she recorded a program that is a daily devotional from Genesis to Revelations.

Geronimo and Janethe Disla have been missionaries for 20 years and have passion to share the word of God with others. They have been married for 32 years they have two children, and one grandson. As a couple, they have helped many other couples that were struggling in their marriage through counseling. They have also been featured as special guest speakers in several marriage conferences.